What’s in Your Hospital Bag?

We were officially 8 months in and that meant it was time to PACK THAT BAG! As a matter of fact, we were late. When we were pregnant with our princess, my hospital bag was packed 6 months in 👀.

I wanted to make sure that if anything were to happen, I had everything I needed packed and ready to go.


Well, I knew that if we left it for the last minute my hubby and I were bound to get caught up in the excitement and completely forget all the major stuff.

“So Rach, what goes in the bag?”

I’m so glad you asked!

To help you sort things out, I’ll break it down into three categories – For You, For Him, and For Baby.


Overnight Bag/Carry-On – This should be an obvious one. You’re going to need a space to put all the things I’ll be listing here.🤪 Whether you purchase a cute overnight bag or use one of your existing carry-ons (like I did!), make sure it is large enough to carry everything you need for that special day. However, don’t ever do it! You’re not moving in! 😂

Cozy Robe – On day one you’ll be handed that very stylish hospital gown that exposes all your goods as you prep for your baby to arrive. Having a cozy robe will make a world of a difference when you need to move around or get flooded with excited visitors.

Loose and Comfy change of Clothes – you’re most likely going to be at the hospital for a minimum of 2-3 days. Loose and comfy clothing will help to make the experience a little easier. Those hospital rooms get cold 🥶 and you’re going to be happy you bought that sweatsuit.

Pads, Pads, PADS! – ladies don’t leave home without these. You will experience some bleeding for a few weeks and it will be heavy for a few days post-delivery. Although the hospital provides pads, I feel more comfortable using my good ole Always Overnight Pads (the Purple ones) I hate that wet feeling. So having a dependable solution works for me.

Grannie Panties😜 – say what you want but if you want to keep the pads secure for the next few weeks, get you some Grannie panties. There are some cute ones out there. Worried about hubby? Don’t be! The doctor is going to ban him from going down there anyway sooooo 😂😂😜.

Nursing bra and pads – if you plan on breastfeeding or pumping, these will prove useful. The bras make it an easy and convenient process instead of having to whip out all your goods to do the do. The nursing pads are also a great help with the leakage that you will experience once that baby comes out. It helps not to be walking around with two wet patches on your gown. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Toiletries – Yes, the hospital provides some basic items but bringing your favorite bath & body items will feel wonderful when you’re finally able to take that long-awaited shower. (Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, facial wash, lotion, etc.)

Towel & Washcloth – again, yes they are provided but I like bringing my own. I do the same thing when I go on vacation too 🤷🏾‍♀️ Unless it’s a cruise or I’ve been there before and know the quality of their housekeeping services.

Music Playlist – with both of my babies I had a music playlist to keep my spirits up and to set the vibe for the arrival of my munchkins. Most hospitals will happily play your playlist if you ask. I did and the doctors and nurses were rocking to my jams 🙌🏾😊

Charger – trust me you’ll need it when baby is asleep and you want to check in on the 1,000s of texts you received 2 days ago 😂

Birthing Plan – take some time to discuss with your hubby and your doctor how you would like your delivery to go. Once you have a solid plan, write it down and give a copy to your spouse and your doctor. This is important! You never know what may happen and a decision needs to be made. You may be too distraught to make a decision or unable to. Hubby and I discussed everything down to what if it came down to the baby’s life or my life. Yes, these decisions sometimes have to be made.

Arming your spouse and your doctor with a copy is a must. Keep a spare copy in your bag in case your spouse or doctor isn’t present when munchkin decides to make their debut. I documented my birthing plan in a Google doc and shared it with my hubby. What should it cover? Check out this handy guide for some helpful tips.

Snacks – Yes, you’ll eventually be fed, but some snacks to munch on over the next few days don’t hurt. Especially, if your hospital is in the middle of nowhere and there are no corner stores available. Your tummy and hubby will thank you.

For Him

Change of Clothes – more often than not, your spouse will be right by your side and it would help to have a change of clothes so that he too can get comfy.

Toiletries – he may want to take a shower too 🤪

Charger 🔌- since everyone will be reaching out to him, you might want to make sure he also has his own charger (and his iPad/laptop too cause he might get bored watching you sleep 😂🤪)

For Baby

First Outfit – baby will need an outfit to go home with sooooo make it a cute one. (Hint: get 2 sizes of your favorite outfit. One in newborn and 0-3 months. You never know how big munchkin will be 🙃) Footsies with hand protectors are my fave! They cover everything!

Bibs! – this goes without saying! Babies need bibs. They’ll be feeding right out of the womb, which means expect spit up. So make sure to bring a few along with you.

Diapers – you’ll get lots of this at the hospital but it doesn’t hurt to take a small bag along just in case.

Washcloth and toiletries – take along a travel-size pack of baby toiletries just in case. Most hospitals have this, but I like to be prepared.

BundleMe/Coat (Winter Babies) – if your having a baby in the dead of winter, don’t forget a coat or BundleMe. Hubby and I are big fans of the bundleme. With a bundleme, you have a coat and blanket all in one.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DON’T FORGET THE CAR SEAT! Clearly, this doesn’t go into the baby bag, but you won’t be able to leave with your bundle unless you have one. Another note, if you don’t know how to install a car seat or just want to make sure you did it right, head to a local fire station and they will be happy to walk you through it and check that it is secure. Better safe than sorry!

There are just a few of the things I took along with me for both deliveries. I am sure there are other items that some moms out there might suggest so do your research. Once you have everything, pack it up and place it near your exit. At some point, we started taking it along when we were headed out for an extended period of time. We wanted to be sure hubby did not have to run back to the house.

Now that it’s all packed, sit back and enjoy the last few months of your freedom. Just Kidding!

Your munchkin will soon be here, so enjoy the ride.

“How about you mommies? What was in your hospital bag?”

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