High Risk Pregnancies

This time last year, I was still beaming over being pregnant 🤰🏽 with a baby boy. I couldn’t contain my excitement. I always wanted to have a son and God finally answered my prayers.

However, in my excitement was a deep sense of anxiousness. It was around this time that my doctor shared that our bundle is at risk of not growing at a normal rate.

“Say What?”

I also had a similar scare with my daughter. In 2012, I found out that I had fibroids and there was a possibility that they could grow and affect her growth. I was overwhelmed with fear at that point. I cried so much and worried every day about my princess. I prayed over my womb daily and asked God to prevent these fibroids from growing and he did just that. My little princess made her arrival 2 weeks early.

However, the afterbirth experience was life-threatening for me. After having my princess, I became unconscious, and for the first 24 hours of my daughter’s life, my husband shares that the doctors sprung into action to make sure that I would not lose my life. My blood pressure skyrocketed and they feared that I would have a seizure which would leave me permanently brain-damaged. The sad part is, I don’t remember any of this but my husband witnessed all of it.

Today, I am grateful to have a perfectly healthy little girl who is now 6 years old and taller than 95% of girls her age. Most of all, I am alive to see her.

“Round 2: Here we go, AGAIN!”

Mrs. David, the test results are in. You and your husband share a rare gene that may prevent the fetus from growing at a normal rate.

Yup, Here we go again! As a result of this “diagnosis”, I had to go in for monthly sonograms to measure my baby’s growth. Needless to say, every appointment caused me to hold my breath and be in constant prayer.

“Did he grow??? I wondered to myself.”

And until the doctor said looking good, I was a nervous wreck. The haunting feeling of losing this child lurked in my mind and attempted to squeeze the joy right out of me. Had it not been for my faith, I don’t think I would have made it. This pregnancy brought on gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and work. But, I made it!

Despite the increased number of doctor visits, blood work, etc. I was determined to find my joy! I kept reminding myself that I was here before and that if God could do it then, he would do it again.

Months later, I was able to celebrate with loved ones at my baby shower. Here I was just one month away from my due date and my last sonogram showed that my baby boy’s growth was right on track.

Yes, I got my joy back and was now anticipating the arrival of my little prince.

“So, what was the verdict?”

The day finally arrived and I was wheeled into the operating room. I was a nervous wreck as the thought of what happened after delivering my daughter slowly crept up into my mind. I asked them to play my playlist and I began to pray. I held my husband’s hand and the procedure began. 20 minutes later, this handsome bundle of joy arrived healthy and full-term.

After the delivery, My blood pressure spiked. It was so bad that they had to keep me in the hospital for an entire week. I wanted to go home and enjoy my new baby but here I was once again battling with the aftermath of a high-risk pregnancy. 6 days later, I was finally able to leave the hospital with my little prince.

I share this story to encourage an expecting mom who may be going through a high-risk pregnancy. Today, I want to let you know that you can and will make it. Don’t lose hope! God is still a miracle worker and will bring you through this.

How do I know?

I have been through high risk pregnancies twice and now have two gems to show for it.


Every pregnant mom places her life on the line to bring another life into the world. It is a risk we all are willing to take to bring these precious gifts into our lives. No matter what you are currently facing, remember that God will finish what he started. Enjoy the moment, trust the Master, and get ready for your blessing.

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